Our goal is to make your way safe while you are doing sports, living actively or having eventful life. To reach our goal, we need your feedback. We would like to offer a unique opportunity to test the system with us in an early bird program.


Here's how your test program will go

testaaja aikajana-01.png


Apply and make your way safe FOR FREE! We will choose 20 applicants to get FREE sensor and App to make their way safe with us. Only you need to do, is to give us your feedback and data.

Gathered use data will only be used internally in our company for development purposes and will not be given to any third party.

Quick interview

To get most out of your Go Safe App and smartsensor, we want to hear your preferences and assumptions set to our product. The questionnaire takes less than 5 mins of your valuable time and will be made On-line.



Everything starts at special kick-off event, where you will get your smartsensor, holder and instructions to download and use the Go Safe App. We will also provide you with all the necessary information to install and activate your smartsensor so that you are safe to go with it.

And, Hey - let's not forget that there are free food and beverages offered at kick-off event!

Test period

The test period takes place between 31st of March and 30th of May.

There will be a separate data analysis event arranged during a test period. By attending the event, you will gain valuable information regarding usage of your sensor and app. That helps you to learn more about the future capabilities of your Go Safe system.

Feedback session

There will be a feedback session arranged at the end of the test period. In that event, we will collect valuable feedback from your user experience. That information will be used to develop our App and sensor further.


Why shoud I apply to the program?

By applying into our program, you have a chance to get FREE Go Safe smartsensor and App that will be further developed with you.

Every event lived together with Go Safe in real life takes us closer to our goal, even if there are no real emergency situations present. The key to success on our way is to analyze as much data as possible.

And to be successfull with getting most valuable data, we want you to be present at least in kick off session and at the end giving us your feedback. Also we highly appreciate, if you can attend to our data analysis workshop during the test period. However, that is not mandatory - you can get your data analysis also On-line.


Apply to our tester program fr0m the link below